Forklift training course prerequisites in Australia

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To become a forklift operator it is necessary for you to undergo some training. Below you will find the prerequisites for certification in Australia. I hope this helps you!

What a forklift truck operator does:

The functions of the forklift truck operator can differ based on the type of vehicle concerned along with the industry included. You will find an incredible selection of businesses you may find jobs in, for example the armed forces, at event centers, manufacturing plants, factory environments, transport yards – the number is nearly countless!

Requirements for forklift training courses differ determined by the business which you train with, but a few will not change:

• One should be eighteen years of age or older
• Make sure you have a great grasp of the English language to be able to safely perform with other people
• Confirmation of identification

Additional requirements you can anticipate:

Personal Protective Equipment – you could be instructed to be dressed in some or all of the following personal health and safety items: encased shoes, ideally metal-tipped, a high visibility vest or jacket and a hard hat.

Identification requirements in Australia:

Like all things in life, schooling calls for providing certain paperwork. If you sign on to a forklift training program, you are expected to supply some type of identification.

Please check with the training supplier regarding what precisely their precise requirements are, but here are some guidelines:

You should give identity papers that combine up to 100 points. The actual paperwork you present should supply a photo of yourself, confirm your date of birth, offer an instance of your own signature and confirm your current home address.

To achieve the 100 points you can combine primary and secondary docs as follows:

Primary Documents are each worth seventy points so you may only give a single of these:

• Full Australian Birth Certificate or Birth Card
• Australian Citizenship Document
• Passport

A combination of Secondary Documents must be utilized to produce up the remaining thirty points. Ones choices are:

Twenty-five Points

• Motor vehicle insurance policy or registration certificates
• Department of Veterans Affairs Card
• House rates notice
• Confirmation of household insurance cover
• Any household electric statement
• A property or home lease agreement
• A person’s medicare card
• Credit card or savings account statement

40 Points

• Australian driving licence

You should check with the training company exactly which records are needed.

This really is a vocation with awesome assortment in job prospects and provides great prospects for qualified forklift operators. It would truly be beneficial finding the cash for forklift training as this could widen the available prospects for most people.

Another terrific advantage with this particular career is that you can frequently locate work which will provide training, which will mean there is no need to pay for it!

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Best of luck!


How to become a forklift driver

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So you want to be a forkie?! Great choice!! This is a thriving industry with plenty of opportunity. Let me give you a brief introduction into how to become a forklift truck driver.

What a forklift operator does:

Forklift Training

The job function of a forklift vehicle driver can easily range based on the particular kind of truck concerned as well as the particular market that’s involved. Presently there is actually a great number of market sectors which you may acquire a job in, for example the military services, exhibition centres, production sites, storage facility settings, transport yards – the variety is actually almost countless!

Work you may be required to complete: operating a forklift or maybe high-reach forklift, making use of some sort of RF scanning device, stacking pallets, operating a electric pallet jack, using a pc, manual selecting and packing of stock.

Employment prospects:

Forklift operation is an important skill which has got great demand in a wide variety of countries. This is actually also a possible doorway in to other positions such as a warehouse manager, store foreman, store controller and also purchaser, forklift technician plus a number of others. Operating a forklift could also possibly be a great way to help make some part-time income while you study, travel or consider what to do next in your life.

Exactly what will be necessary:

With the majority of countries you must be not less than 18 years of age. You will in addition have to have completed or finish forklift training as this is actually a legal requirement to meet occupational safety and health prerequisites.

Additionally, a number of companies demand a valid driving licence and/or your own personal transportation.

Abilities that will assist include computer literacy and some knowledge working utilizing scanning devices.

The recruiter may give you with all the gear which you have to have to carry out your tasks, but in some instances you’ll be expected to supply your personal safety gear (which is probably more desirable anyways since you get to choose the maker of the clothes). This normally can be steel-tip shoes, a high visibility jacket and a hardhat.

To be a forklift truck driver, you might be very likely to function within a team-based setting, which means that if you tend to be a people guy, this job is designed for you!

Character qualities necessary:

Punctuality and dependability are usually character qualities which are generally valued by the majority of employers and particularly by recruiters of forklift drivers. A readiness to adhere to instructions together with a keen eye for detail tend to be essential qualities in this particular occupation.

Shift work is usually a must for most forklift driving jobs, so a willingness to operate outside of usual office hours is valuable. Taking pleasure in a at times frenetic workplace with high activity levels will certainly assist with some of the busier work environments in which you could be expected to be effective with the stress of tight timelines for inventory replenishment or order picking.


We have previously described the importance for training to make sure that you adhere to your countries legislation or guidelines for work-related safe practices, however due to the fact this is a high-risk job, it bears referring to once more that training is actually critical to not only ensure that you can complete your obligations at a suitable level of proficiency, but to make sure you also ensure the safety of yourself and of others.

You are going to be required to repeat your training or go on a refresher course on a periodic basis – commonly every three years (although this is dependent on the country which you are living in addition to the employer that you work for).

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